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Wisdom Teeth: Removing the Third Molars for a Healthier Smile

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Your wisdom teeth are not always welcome in your smile. This is because there isn’t always room for them in the mouth when they try to come in. As the last of your teeth to erupt, these third molars usually make their debut in the teen year or young adult years. Much of the time, by then the dental arch cannot accommodate them.

When this happens, these wisdom teeth may need to be extracted. Wisdom teeth are generally recommended for extraction when the tooth is trying to come in at an angle that can negatively impact the neighboring teeth, as well as if the tooth is impacted. When the tooth is impacted, it is being blocked from coming in by the other teeth. If the tooth doesn’t have access to coming through properly, you can experience pain as the area becomes inflamed or infected, or cause damage to the nearby teeth.

To remove the affected tooth, our dentist at Dental Art Concepts PLLC begins by making an incision above the tooth. This allows the gum tissue to open and expose the erupting tooth. If there is any bone material over the tooth, it will be removed to allow access to the tooth. A dental instrument will be used to gently rock the tooth in order to loosen it. Once the tooth is loose, it can be carefully extracted, or it may be cut into smaller pieces to be removed easily. Finally, stitches may be used to cover the area.

If you have wisdom teeth that need extracting, rest assured that our goal is to give you the quality care you deserve in the most comfortable environment available. Our skilled team in Staten Island, New York, is happy to accommodate your oral care needs. Just call 718-948-4393 for an appointment with our dentist, Dr. Matthew Scaffa.