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The Advantages of Dental Veneers and Crowns

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If you suffer from dental blemishes, there may be an easy way to correct them. The highly qualified dentists at Dental Art Concepts PLLC are here to help craft a better smile for a better you. With such a vast array of options at our disposal, we can easily correct any problem you may have with your oral health. Dental veneers and dental crowns are both extremely popular services we can offer to ensure optimum oral health for many years to come, as well as a great smile to show it off. Let us help determine which option may be best for you:

Advantages of crowns:
– used to support teeth that have been badly damaged

– use to protect excessively worn teeth

– used to anchor a dental bridge

– used to mask tooth discolorations

– used to cover a dental implant or root canal therapy

Advantages of veneers:
– used to improve shape and color of teeth

– less tooth enamel needs to be removed than with a crown

– when done properly by a licensed professional, they are nearly impossible to notice

– used to correct flaws in your smile

– used to fix crowding or excessive space between your teeth

If you are interested in getting a consultation on dental crowns or veneers, or you are simply interested in getting a professional cleaning by our expert dentists at Dental Art Concepts PLLC, please contact us at 718-948-4393, to speak with a friendly member of our staff. You can also visit our office in Staten Island, New York. We look forward to speaking with you soon!