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Fix your Smile with Crowns

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It’s not uncommon to be unhappy with your smile, especially if you have teeth that are cracked, chipped, or otherwise marred. However, you have a lot of options to fix your smile when you visit our office at Dental Art Concepts PLLC in Staten Island, New York.

One of those options is dental crowns. Let’s take a quick look at what they can do to fix your smile.

What are crowns?

Crowns are simply porcelain caps that sit over an abutment, providing a natural-looking replacement for teeth that were damaged. They can be made from other materials aside from porcelain, although that’s the most common material Dr. Matthew Scaffa uses.

How do they work?

Crowns are designed to restore the function and feel of a natural tooth. When you have a tooth in need of a crown, Dr. Matthew Scaffa will grind off the broken or decayed tooth until it’s a bit more than a bump of bone. Of course you’ll be under local anesthesia so the discomfort will be minimal.

Once the abutment is formed, he will have a crown molded to fit your mouth exactly. It’ll match the size, shape, and color of the natural teeth in your mouth. It’s adhered to the abutment with cement, and once cured, is ready to last you as long as you’re willing to take care of it.

Crowns are a great cosmetic dentistry option if you need to radically change the appearance of some teeth. For more information, call us today at 718-948-4393.