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Dental Advice on Tooth Hazard Warning Signs

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Never assume your smile is safe regardless of what oral health care preventive measures you may be taking. Even if you clean your gums on a daily basis and your oral health is immaculate, a single tooth hazard can destroy your smile in seconds. Thus, it is important to always be aware of all risks around you and use common sense. The more you are prepared for any incidental damage that can arise, the less likely you are to suffer from it.

Is your smile prepared for the warnings associated with tooth hazards around you? Can you look around right now and find any potential risks to your oral health that can arise? The truth is that tooth hazard risks are all around us at all times. However, it is not so much the risk that are dangerous, but how we respond to them. Your smile is at its most secure when you are using common sense and not using your teeth for tasks for which they’re not assigned. In fact, substances we may drink on a daily basis and coffee and wines could be staining or discoloring our teeth, and we are completely unaware of it. For this reason, always exercise caution and be aware of the warnings associated with tooth hazards around you.

Furthermore, never use your smile for any purposes with which it is not properly equipped. This includes trying to open bottles with your teeth, opening packaging with your mouth and biting your nails. All of these choices can severely impair your oral health and destroy your teeth and gums in an instant. Tooth chips and cracks can occur, and you can even knock out teeth. Thus, it is essential to exercise caution every time you’re going to use your teeth for anything other than chewing food.

If you wish to dramatically improve your oral health through the use of tooth hazard care, come visit us. The time is now to enhance your smile with tooth hazard care from Dr. Matthew Scaffa and our team at our dentist office in Staten Island, New York. Dental Art Concepts PLLC wants your smile to shine with tooth hazard care, so call us at 718-948-4393 to book an appointment.