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Are There Phone Applications that Can Help My Child and Their Smile?

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If you ever have a hard time motivating your child to care for their smile, then our dentist, Dr. Matthew Scaffa, might have a technique you probably haven’t thought of: use applications. Fortunately, there are many smartphone and tablet applications that can help your child enjoy cleaning their smile and can also help your child learn more about their teeth and gums.

One application is called “Disney Magic Timer.” This app aims at encouraging your child to thoroughly brush their teeth twice a day. There is a character that brushes along with your child and plays games with them. It also times your child’s brushes to ensure they brush for two minutes. The character can also use the same oral hygiene tools as your child.

Another application is called “Virtual Dentist.” This app lets your child upload a picture of themselves. Then, they can click on different dental treatments, like dental fillings, dental veneers, and braces, to see what they would look like with these treatments. This can help your child prepare for an upcoming appointment. It can also show your child what their smile would look like if it was clean or dirty. This might motivate your child to clean their teeth.

The last application is called “Tiny Dentist.” This app lets your child pretend they are a dentist. They can choose a character and theme and perform dental treatments, like teeth whitening, dental fillings, bad breath improvement, and teeth cleaning. This can help them understand what it’s like to be in their dentist’s shoes.

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