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An Untreated Dental Fracture Might Allow a Dangerous Cavity to Form

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Dental fractures can originate from a wide range of sources. These could include forgoing the use of a quality mouth guard during night grinding or contact sports. At the same time, bad habits like chewing on stray desktop items or using your teeth to replace tools can also cause a fracture in tooth enamel.

Even if the fractured tooth doesn’t cause you significant distress, the damaged area of tooth enamel could attract and trap bacterial residue. Left untreated, this could cause a cavity to form deep in the compromised dental structure.

The severity and location of the dental fracture will influence the treatment method Dr. Matthew Scaffa recommends at Dental Art Concepts PLLC.

A small dental fracture that is limited to the enamel layer of the tooth might be repairable with a simple amalgam or composite filling. If the damage is on the biting surface of a molar or premolar we might advocate using a large inlay or onlay filling.

If you experience pain or heightened sensitivity in the tooth, it likely means that the fracture has penetrated the sensitive interior of the tooth. In a case like this, our dentist might need to perform a root canal. Then the tooth enamel can be restored by installing a crown.

In the case of severe dental fracture where the root of the tooth or the socket is badly damaged, our dentist might recommend a total dental extraction. Once your gums have healed we can help you decide if you would like to restore the tooth with a bridge or dental implant.

If you have suffered a dental fracture on one of your teeth, and you live in the Staten Island, New York, area, you should call 718-948-4393 to have it examined and treated.