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Root canal treatments are required for any damage that has occurred to your pulp within your root canal. If left untouched, damage to your pulp will destroy your tooth and possibly inflict life-threatening disorders upon the body due to severe infections. To avoid this a root canal treatment is required.

Your oral health services guide for root canals features the following attributes:

– On the outside of a tooth lies the tooth enamel, a thin layer that helps keep the inner workings of a tooth safe. Unfortunately, the tooth enamel can be damaged, and your root can be exposed to infections and decay, thus prompting the need for a root canal.

– The pulp of a tooth can easily be harmed by an oral accident or injury.

– Bacteria and harmful acids that come through holes in the tooth enamel can damage the pulp of a tooth.

– Built up wear and tear on teeth due to multiple procedures can weaken tooth enamel and expose a tooth, at which point a root canal is needed if the pulp is damaged.

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