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Did you know that it may be important for you to have your wisdom teeth removed? Furthermore, do you know why many people might have their wisdom teeth extracted? As you might have guessed, your wisdom teeth could actually cause several problems if they aren’t removed. Still, have you heard exactly what these issues are?

Unfortunately, your wisdom teeth might not erupt properly. In fact, they could be crooked. Similarly, your wisdom teeth could push your other pearly whites, which may damage them or cause shifting teeth. Sadly, this pushing might undo any orthodontic work you’ve had. Furthermore, your wisdom teeth might ultimately cause overcrowded teeth. To make matters worse, a wisdom tooth could become impacted, or stuck beneath or in your gums. Sadly, if your tooth is impacted, your gums may be infected.

If your wisdom tooth does not fully erupt, it could be difficult for you to keep your smile as clean as you should. Once this happens, you could struggle to remove plaque and bacteria from your teeth.

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